The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat

Now that you know what foods you can eat we should discuss those that aren’t recommended and why.
Cutting out dairy products may seem strange but it is one of the principles of the Paleo diet.  This includes foods like ice cream, butter, milk, yoghurt and cheese. Now some people on the Paleo Diet do eat diary but on a very limited basis.
The reasoning behind not eating these sources of dairy is that they were not available 500 generations ago. The majority of these products are processed and therefore not a ‘natural’ food.  Again some dieters will drink raw milk occasionally.
Another more technical explanation is to do with the way your body treats the calcium in these foods. This is to do with alkaline and acid levels in your body. All food is processed through your kidneys and excessive amounts of calcium are excreted by your body.
There is no need to worry about becoming calcium deficient on the Paleo diet, you won’t. Plus many of the leafy green vegetables contain high amounts of calcium!
A little sea salt added to your foods will not affect your dieting attempts. On the other hand salt found in processed foods can. Too much salt makes your body retain water and when this happens you will feel bloated and puffy. Unfortunately food manufacturers put high amounts of salt in foods as a preservative. This is not natural and can have adverse results on your health.
Potatoes are other starchy vegetables should also be avoided on the Paleo diet. The thinking behind this is that they are supposed to be cooked and not a true raw food. There is lots of debate over this.
Another level of thinking behind starchy vegetables is the effect they have on your blood sugar levels. Potatoes are known to cause high spikes in your blood sugar level and this is why they should be avoided.  High spikes are what causes you to have sudden and acute hunger pangs along with feelings of weakness.
No processed foods should be consumed at all on the Paleo diet. This includes grains, crackers, cookies, breads and canned foods. They all contain huge amounts of bad fats and sugars. These products can be linked to being a cause of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.
Processed foods like ketchup, sauces, sugars, oils, margarines, hot dogs, bacon, soft drinks, muffins and fruit juices are to be avoided at all costs. They are chock full of chemicals, fats and other ingredients that you cannot pronounce.
All types of legumes and grains should be avoided as well. The reasoning behind eliminating these foods is that they must be cooked to become edible.
When you take a look at the foods you can eat and compare it to those on this page you will see that the difference is in the state of the food. Allowable foods on the Paleo Diet are in a natural form while the others are all artificial and have been manipulated in some way by humans.  When you honestly think about it which would you prefer to eat?

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